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Krista H.
from Columbus, Ohio

My children have been attending TLC since November of 2014. As soon as you walk in the building it has really good vibe, the environment in clean always and the staff are very welcoming. They go beyond just daycare and education, the owner has talked to me and encouraged me many times when I was having some bad days, and I really appreciate TLC for going beyond and making a difference in my family’s life. There also, affordable, l
Christine Woods
from Groveport, Ohio

I love the warm family feel of this place. TLC is clean, extremely informational and safe for kids. My Youngest daughter was reading full books before starting kindergarten. I owe all the teachers at TLC a big thank you because of them she reads above her grade level and also started school early at just 4 years old. I will always recommend TLC!!!! Thanks so Much Everyone!!
Almaz Gebere
Pickerington, Ohio

This daycare is beyond amazing the staff is excellent. They made us feel so loved, they the kids feel safe and happy. My kids loved the tour and the play set. They have everything prepared and was great. The building is big and divided and organized very well. Thank you so much, hopefully will be as amazing for others as it was for us.
Trace E.
Columbus, Ohio

January 24, 2018
TLC has definitely been a Godsend for me. Coming from a different city, being a new Mother and not too much in town support, it was such a relief to be able to find a place where I felt comfortable leaving the most important part of me. Ms. Tee and Ms. Leyda have beautiful souls and truly care and compassion for your child! The entire staff are very polite and do well at caring for your child as well. My daughter has been there since she was 8wks (now 10m) and her teachers have always been very in tune and attentive to her growth and development. If I’ve ever had an issue, you can count on it being resolved immediately! Very clean environment as well. I would highly recommend this center to anyone!!
Belinda W.
Columbus, Ohio

January 24,2018
Great place for early development for any child from newborn to school age children. The owner and Director has a heart of gold and the staff is amazing. This is a safe place with loving people.
Tewia A.
Columbus, Ohio

When all daycares in my area were full, this one made exception for my daughter. They welcomed her with opened arms and took very good care of her while she was there. They also took her to school every morning and always had her there on time. I would ask her if they were being mean to her and she said never. I only asked her that because that's what parents do, lol! The owner is very understanding and willing to work with you if any problems occur. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone.
John M.
Columbus, Ohio

This is a center of love and excellence. They are extremely clean and detailed. Our children are always displaying the things that they have learned with joy. The teachers filled with love and compassion. They take extreme pleasure in caring for the children.
Jenny S.
Columbus, Ohio

I have toured the center myself and I absolutely love it! They are very clean an amazing place to take your kids! The workers are great I give this daycare a 5 star!
Kitana B.
Columbus, Ohio

This is one of the best centers that I have chosen my child to go to. The staff did a remarkable job with teaching my child so much in a reasonable time that by next year she will be ready for kindergarten. They are also a Christian based daycare which is one of the reasons why I chose this center.
Columbus, Ohio

TLC opened last fall in Pickerington and my son has been attending ever since. My son has struggled with language/speech and comes from a bilingual home and I have seen a drastic improvement in speech and social skills. We are so blessed to have found a faith based daycare at an affordable price. What I love the most is that no one shoves religion down his throat =). We plan on raising him by teaching him to build a relationship with God first and foremost. What religion he finds suitable for him, will be his choice in the future. With TLC I can do just that! No one forces prayer time or worship time, but it is welcomed. Best of all, in less than a month he was recognizing shapes and colors which he wasn't able to express before! I pray that this helps anyone in search of a child care provider since I know the struggle to get REAL and HONEST childcare center reviews. We are blessed to be a member of the TLC family =)
Angel W.
Columbus, Ohio

As an employee and parent of TLC. I have nothing but great things to say. We are a big family here!!! Love my kids at the center. Love my class. I have the most amazing experience in teaching. I have learned so much. The first 5yrs of a child’s life are the most important and its our job here to teach, love and direct kids in the right path. So they will be ready for elementary school as well as everyday life. Director is amazing!!! Cares for children and parents you will NOT find anywhere else!!!❤
Karen J.
Columbus, Ohio

TLC us an awesome learning center that offer TLC to its children just like its name convey. The workers are dedicated to providing care, early education, and superb professional service. Once you’re come through the doors of TLC it won't be long before you become like family.
Mercadiez W
Columbus, Ohio

My son and my experience have been great at trinity learning center he's been there since he was 4 months and he's about to be 3. I wouldn't even call them a daycare I'd call them family.
Kyle B
Columbus, Ohio

This daycare is wonderful. The staff is loving and caring and the director really cares about her kids. I don't know where I would be without the loving caring and educational Services provided by Trinity Learning Center.
April S.
Columbus, Ohio

Absolutely love this center my two children enjoy going here. I love that it is Christian based and my children are learning something new every day. The center is full of positive people and is very clean and organized. I'm always aware of what's going on with my children; it is like I'm there all day with my children. Teachers are a huge blessing; my 2 year old daughter is now saying prayers at night and knows how to recognize many colors and shapes. She is also starting to recognize some letters too. When she first started she hardly talk now I can't get her to stop. I love that there is always lesson plans posted in every room and that I get a daily report from their teachers. The preschool room and pre-k room is awesome my son started in the preschool room and now is in pre-k he has learned so much since we been there. He knows now how to spell his first and last name, count to 50 by himself, is adding and subtracting numbers, can identify all letters and knows a lot of sight words. I also like that the teachers send homework home so that parents are able to be a part of their children education and that it helps them practice more to understand and learn concepts and skills. I look at TLC as a second home for my kids because it is more than just another learning center it is part of our family and me thank God every day to find such a wonderful place. TLC has the best quality care for children.

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